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IAR Education Systems is the number one preferred post-professional program that trains rehabilitation clinicians advanced clinical reasoning and treatment techniques with an emphasis on application in the athletic population. Through intense clinical and didactic experiences, including extensive one-on-one mentorship, clinicians will become highly skilled, autonomous, reflective, critical thinkers, who represent the most elite clinical leaders in the fields of Sports and Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy. Graduates of the program will possess unparalleled skills in exercise prescription, manual therapy, pain science, injury prevention, recovery, performance based rehab, and movement analysis designed to optimize human function and athletic performance.

The most complete & most comprehensive program in the nation to provide an unsurpassed union between sports, orthopedics, and manual therapy.

As our profession continues to evolve, it is crucial in today’s medical model rehabilitation clinicians distinguish themselves through a distinct area of expertise. IAR has blazed a trail in the realm of post-professional training by successfully achieving a unique harmony between Sports, Orthopedics, and Manual Therapy, and this collaboration allows IAR to produce the most complete, well rounded clinicians in the field.  
IAR understands the needs of the athlete and sports population are distinctly different from the general orthopedic population. This difference must be recognized in order to achieve truly successful outcomes in the sports arena. Our goal is to produce clinicians with a highly specialized skill set that compliments both the sports and orthopedic patient, and is accomplished by:

  • Increasing the knowledge base of the orthopedic practitioner to manage the physical and psychological needs of the sports patient.

  • Increasing the clinical intervention skills of the sports therapist through the use of advanced manual therapy techniques and differential diagnosis to elevate their current skills to the next level. 

  • Training clinicians to more effectively bridge the gap between rehabilitation and sports performance with advanced clinical reasoning and unparalleled performance based exercise prescription.

  • Training clinicians to more effectively change client behaviors and gain commitments through incomparable patient education skills. 

The entire IAR curriculum has been carefully developed by some of the most highly skilled and innovative clinicians in Sports and Orthopedic Manual Therapy, who have spent many years practicing in a variety of sports and orthopedic arenas. Our sole focus is the successful development of clinicians who are easily distinguished by their patients, colleagues, physicians, and referral sources as the absolute BEST in what they do as clinicians and collegial mentors. If you're a clinician looking to become more versatile in managing the sports and orthopedic population by improving your clinical reasoning, differential diagnosis skills, and intervention techniques through manual therapy, dry needling,  and exercise prescription then you will fit very well with IAR.

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