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in Sports & Orthopedic Manual Therapy



IAR offers a part-time Fellowship in Sports and Orthopedic Manual Therapy. IAR is Accredited by the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education, a division of the American Physical Therapy Association, and recognized by the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists as a post-professional fellowship program for physical therapists in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy.  The entire curriculum is based on the Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy Description of Advanced Specialty Practice, and is elevated to the application of the athletic and active populations. Upon graduation, clinicians will be prestigiously recognized and credentialed as a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist (FAAOMPT).



The didactic component is a dynamic hybrid-learning model that combines unique opportunities for collaboration with IAR faculty and other students through online workshops and live weekend intensives. The didactic portion provides the clinician 200 hours of advanced clinical knowledge in manual physical therapy as it relates to each body region. It exposes the clinician to all aspects of orthopedics while integrating these aspects into the sports arena. The online portion is conveniently completed wherever the clinician resides. The weekend intensives will integrate the online information into practical application and take the clinician through robust lab periods to increase motor skill acquisition in manual therapy examination and intervention, and advanced exercise prescription. The weekend intensives are offered multiple times throughout the year and are completed in one of our network clinics across various locations.  The part - time set up allows sufficient time to increase the clinician's clinical reasoning in the performance of advanced therapeutic examination and intervention techniques under the guidance of experts in the field. 



The mentoring portion provides opportunity for the clinician to work one-on-one with expert orthopedic and sports faculty mentors, specifically Fellowship Trained Manual Therapists, in the clinical setting for a total of 150 supervised contact hours. Mentoring is considered to be the most valuable component of the Fellowship because it effectively bridges the gap between the didactic portions and real life situations in the clinic. While there are many forms of mentoring, our program advocates in person and on site experiences between the mentor and student. All mentors must be approved by the IAR faculty to ensure the Fellow in training receives the best experience. Clinical mentoring can be scheduled part-time or full-time at the discretion of the selected clinician. Upon successful completion of the clinical mentoring portion, graduates will possess an incomparable skill set of intervention techniques, clinical reasoning, and patient interaction strategies.


  • 97% graduation rate

  • 67% of graduates enter sports related field

  • 42% of graduates enter faculty mentor / teaching position

  • 35% of graduates enter private practice / cash practice / entrepreneurship

ACOMPTE accredited program logo FINAL.JP
admission standards


  • Licensed Physical Therapist in good standing

  • Graduate of an APTA / ABPTRFE Accredited Orthopedic or Sports Physical Therapy Residency Program 

  • Board Certified Clinical Specialists in Orthopedics and/or Sports 

Contact Us to see if you may be able to participate in the program via other options. 





  • CC - Core Concepts

  • CM1 - Differential Diagnosis: Lumbar & SIJ

  • CM1 - Functional Biomechanics & Analysis: LSIJ

  • CM1 - Core Stability Concepts

  • CM2 - Differential Diagnosis: Cervical & Thoracic

  • CM2 - Functional Biomechanics & Analysis: CT

  • CM2 - Performance Breathing

  • CM3 - Differential Diagnosis: Lower Extremity

  • CM3 - Functional Biomechanics & Analysis: LE

  • CM3 - ACL Management: Current & Emerging Concepts

  • CM3 - Lower Extremity Performance & Return to Sport

  • CM4 - Differential Diagnosis: Upper Extremity

  • CM4 - Functional Biomechanics & Analysis: UE

  • CM4 - Thrower's Pathology & Management

  • CM4: Upper Extremity Performance & Return to Sport

  • OF1 - Sports Performance in Rehabilitation

  • OF2 - Advanced Management of the Specialty Athlete

  • OF3 - Business & Entrepreneurship Concepts in PT

  • OF4 - Pharmacology / Ergogenics / Orthobiologics / TMD / Imaging

  • Bi-monthly virtual clinical reasoning sessions with Fellows and IAR Faculty



  • CM1 - Clinical Management of the Lumbar & SIJ in Orthopedics

  • CM2 - Clinical Management of the Cervical & Thoracic Spine in Orthopedics

  • CM3 - Clinical Management of the Lower Extremity in Orthopedics

  • CM4 - Clinical Management of the Upper Extremity in Orthopedics

  • ACM1 - Advanced Clinical Management of the Lumbar Spine & SIJ in Sports

  • ACM2 - Advanced Clinical Management of the Cervical & Thoracic Spine in Sports 

  • ACM3 - Advanced Clinical Management of the Extremities in Sports 

  • ACM4 - Advanced Elective (24 hours required - Select 1)

    • RDN1 - Regenerative Dry Needling Level 1 (Fellow in Training discount provided)

    • RDN2 - Regenerative Dry Needling Level 2 (Fellow in Training discount provided)

    • RRS - Running Rehabilitation Specialist Certification

    • Comprehensive Management of Sports Related Concussion (Fellow in Training discount provided

**Online CM1 - 4 courses integrate with CM1 - 4 weekend intensives. Online OF1 - 4 courses integrate with ACM1 - 3 weekend intensives. It is highly recommended that students in the Fellowship complete CM1 - 4 (in any order) PRIOR to completing ACM1 - 4 (in any order). 

**All ONLINE CM1 - 4 courses are ONLY part of the IAR Fellowship, and are NOT offered if the student is only completing the independent CSOMT.  

**Clinicians who transfer into the IAR Fellowship from non- IAR Residency programs must complete Core Concepts (online) in addition to the remaining requirements of the program. Clinicians may also purchase the IAR Residency online courses OR1 - OR7 to enhance the transition and integration into the IAR Fellowship.

Cost per Residency online course is $450 .

**ACM 1 - 3 courses are available to clinicians as individual CCU courses outside of the requirements of the Fellowship. Cost per course is $975. 


  • Quizzes (online)

  • Final Exam (online)

  • Final Practical Exam with Mentor

  • Live Patient Exam - Spine

  • Live Patient Exam - Extremity

  • Journal Article Analysis (online)

  • Advanced Patient Case Scenarios (online/group)


  • 850 hours of patient clinical practice

  • 150 hours of 1:1 mentoring (included in patient clinical practice)


Texas Physical Therapy Association (TPTA)

  • Core Concepts: 12 hrs

  • Clinical Management 1: 16 hrs

  • Clinical Management 2: 16 hrs

  • Clinical Management 3: 16 hrs

  • Clinical Management 4: 16 hrs

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

  • Provides 30 additional hours upon official completion of the program.



All weekend intensives are Saturday and Sunday from 8:00a to 5:00pm. All times are subject to change. 

CM1 - Clinical Management: Lumbar / SIJ

CM2 - Clinical Management: Cervical / Thoracic 

CM3 - Clinical Management: Lower Extremity

CM4 - Clinical Management: Upper Extremity

ACM1 - Advanced Clinical Management: Lumbar/SIJ

ACM2 - Advanced Clinical Management: Cervical/Thoracic

ACM3 - Advanced Clinical Management: Extremities

ACM4 - Advanced Elective




Monthly Payment Plans Available

The IAR Fellowship has a rolling admissions sequence to conveniently allow students to begin at any time with the online components.  It is recommended to review the weekend intensives schedule and initiate matriculation with the clinical management series before the advanced clinical management series. 




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