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in Sports & Orthopedic Manual Therapy




  • OF1 - Sports Performance in Rehabilitation

  • OF2 - Advanced Management of the Specialty Athlete

  • OF3 - Business & Entrepreneurship Concepts in PT



  • CM1 - Clinical Management of the Lumbar & SIJ in Orthopedics

  • CM2 - Clinical Management of the Cervical & Thoracic Spine in Orthopedics

  • CM3 - Clinical Management of the Lower Extremity in Orthopedics

  • CM4 - Clinical Management of the Upper Extremity in Orthopedics

  • ACM1 - Advanced Clinical Management of the Lumbar Spine & SIJ in Sports

  • ACM2 - Advanced Clinical Management of the Cervical & Thoracic Spine in Sports 

  • ACM3 - Advanced Clinical Management of the Extremities in Sports 

  • ACM4 - Advanced Elective (24 hours required - Select 1)

**Clinicians who have completed CM1- 4 via the IAR Orthopedic Residency/CSOMT or RRS or RDN1 courses prior to program admission are eligible to transfer 10 credit hours into the IAR Fellowship. The remaining credit hours can be completed via independent study or teaching and lab assisting at these respective courses.

**Clinicians who transfer into the IAR Fellowship from non- IAR Residency programs must complete Core Concepts (online) in addition to the remaining requirements of the program. Clinicians may also purchase the IAR Residency online courses OR1 - OR7 to enhance the transition and integration into the IAR Fellowship.

Cost per Residency online course is $395. Bundle cost is $2,500. 


**ACM 1 - 3 courses are available to clinicians as individual CCU courses outside of the requirements of the Fellowship. Cost per course is $795.


  • Quizzes (online)

  • Final Exam (online)

  • Final Practical Exam with Mentor

  • Live Patient Exam - Spine

  • Live Patient Exam - Extremity

  • Journal Article Analysis (online)

  • Advanced Patient Case Scenarios (online/group)


  • 850 hours of patient clinical practice

  • 150 hours of 1:1 mentoring (included in patient clinical practice)


Annual Program Sequence

Fall Cohorts 

Application Deadline: August

Start Date: September 

Spring Cohorts

Application Deadline: January

Start Date: February