The IAR Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency is Accredited by the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education, a division of the American Physical Therapy Association. The program offers a combination of intense didactic and clinical mentoring experiences designed to advance the clinician's skill in examination, clinical reasoning, and treatment of the orthopedic and sports population with a strong emphasis in manual therapy applications. The goal of the IAR Residency is to create clinicians who possess an unsurpassed foundation in managing both the orthopedic and sports population, while fostering continued professional growth to develop exceptional clinical leaders in the patient management, clinical mentoring, and research. 



The IAR Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency program is designed in a dynamic hybrid-learning model that combines unique opportunities for collaboration with IAR faculty and other students through online course work and live weekend intensives. The didactic portion provides the clinician 300 hours of strong foundational knowledge in orthopedic physical therapy as it relates to each body region. It exposes the clinician to all aspects of orthopedics while integrating these aspects into the manual therapy arena. The online portion is conveniently completed wherever the clinician resides. The weekend intensives will take the clinician through robust lab periods to increase motor skill acquisition in manual therapy examination and exercise prescription. The weekend intensives are offered multiple times throughout the year and are completed in one of our network clinics across various locations. 



The clinical component of the course requires the completion of 1500 patient care hours inclusive of 150 1:1 mentoring hours with a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist, Sports Specialist, and / or Fellowship Trained Manual Therapists. Residents have the following two options to complete the clinical component.

IAR Network Clinic Partner Model

  • Residents will be employees of the network clinic earning a reduced salary.

  • Complete the 1500 hours of patient care and 150 hours of mentoring with an IAR approved mentor who the resident directly works with in the same clinic.

  • Complete online didactic portion and attend weekend intensives. Travel may be required for weekend intensives.

  • Minimum completion time: 13 months

  • Maximum completion time: 60 months

  • Network clinic is responsible for program costs.


Independent Clinic Model (No IAR Affiliation)

  • Residents may live and work in their preferred location and for their preferred clinic.

  • Complete the required 1500 hours of patient care and 150 hours of mentoring with the residents’ preferred mentor who can be a co-worker or clinician in the community. All mentors must be approved by IAR.

  • Complete online didactic portion and attend weekend intensives. Travel may be required for weekend intensives.

  • Minimum completion time: 13 months

  • Maximum completion time: 60 months

  • Resident is responsible for program costs.


Upon completion of the IAR Orthopedic Residency, the resident will be eligible to sit for the OCS Exam and admission to the IAR Sports & Orthopedic Manual Therapy Fellowship.


  • 100% graduation rate

  • 100% first attempt passing rate on OCS 



  1. Graduate of APTA Accredited Physical Therapy Program.

  2. Current Physical Therapy License in Good Standing. 

  3. First Aid and CPR Certified

  4. Member of the APTA is Highly Recommended​




  • OR1 - Core Concepts 

  • OR2 - Evaluation & Treatment: Lumbar Spine

  • OR3 - Evaluation & Treatment: SIJ

  • OR4 - Evaluation & Treatment: Thoracic Spine

  • OR5 - Evaluation & Treatment: Cervical Spine

  • OR6 - Evaluation & Treatment: Lower Extremity

  • OR7 - Evaluation & Treatment: Upper Extremity

  • Bi-monthly virtual clinical reasoning sessions with residents and IAR faculty



  • CM1 - Clinical Management: Lumbar Spine & SIJ 

  • CM2 - Clinical Management: Cervical & Thoracic Spine

  • CM3 - Clinical Management: Lower Extremity

  • CM4 - Clinical Management: Upper Extremity


  • Quizzes (online)

  • Final Exam (online)

  • Final Practical Exam with Mentor

  • Live Patient Exam - Spine

  • Live Patient Exam - Extremity

  • Journal Article Analysis (online)

  • Patient Case Scenario Development (online/group)


  • 1500 hours of patient clinical practice

  • 150 hours of 1:1 mentoring (included in patient clinical practice)


Texas Physical Therapy Association (TPTA)

  • Core Concepts - 12 hrs 

  • Clinical Management 1 - 16 hrs

  • Clinical Management 2 - 16 hrs

  • Clinical Management 3 - 16 hrs

  • Clinical Management 4 - 16 hrs

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

  • APTA awards 30 total CCUs upon official graduation of the residency program



All weekend intensives are Saturday and Sunday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. All times are subject to change. 

CM1 - Clinical Management: Lumbar / SIJ

CM2 - Clinical Management: Cervical / Thoracic

CM3 - Clinical Management: Lower Extremity

CM4 - Clinical Management: Upper Extremity




Monthly Payment Plans Available



Complete the ABPTRFE Centralized Application System.

Complete IAR

Online Application

Annual Program Sequence


Submitted applications will be reviewed by each network clinic hiring manager. If selected, applicants will complete and interview with the hiring manager for consideration. Resident matriculation varies throughout the year depending on the available positions at the network clinic. Network clinic locations include Houston TX, Dallas TX, Austin TX,  San Antonio TX, Charlotte NC, West Palm Beach FL. 


The independent track has a rolling admissions sequence to conveniently allow students to begin at any time with the online components. It is recommended to review the weekend intensives schedule and initiate with any of the clinical management series in any order. 




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